Pharmacy logistics solution: innovation and benefits

SLPA system advantages and benefits

  • Reduction of transcription, administration and interpretation errors that may determine a prolonged hospitalization, further diagnostic verifications and treatments, and cause temporary or permanent injuries to the patient

  • Better therapeutic profile control through integration of therapy data inside the computerized clinical folder

  • Improvement of prescription quality through availability of on-line data banks for drugs information, interactions, contraindications, allergies, alerts, etc.

  • Saving of nursing time through process automation (optimization of non-clinical operations)

  • Administrative advantages: quantification of drugs expenses for each individual patient, consumption monitoring and administrative control

Economic and Logistic
  • Economic & logistic advantages: control and optimization of the pharmaceutical expense, stock reduction, reduction/elimination of expired drugs and other wastes

By fully automating the medication management processes, SLPA system allows to: drastically reduce errors and costs, increase workflow efficiency and productivity, control costs and processes and reduce stocks levels