• Papa Giovanni XXIII Bergamo Hospital, occupying 320k sqm with more than 900 beds, is the largest hospital in the Lombardy region and one of the most advanced in Italy

  • The hospital implemented SLPA unit dose management system in 2012 in all its wards and in 2013 it adopted also SLPA’s devices management system; now the hospital is planning to extend its services to its outpatients

  • Thanks to SLPA solution, the hospital has been awarded the prestigious 2015 quality improvement award by the Joint Commission International (1) and obtained excellent improvements

SLPA unit dose management system has proved to be successful in a large and highly complex project, obtaining international recognition and sizeable savings

Reduction in therapy administration errors: from 4.47% in 2012 (already below the international average of 8-15%) to 0% in 2015 (2)

Reduction in medications consumption, resulting in significant savings (2)

Reduction in inventory (2)

Reduction in expired drugs (2)

(1) Recognized leader in international health care accreditation
(2) Ospedale Papa Giovanni XXIII an Regione Lombardia report to the Italian Ministry of Health

San Martino di Genova Hospital

  • Longest serving client (since 2007), 1.200 beds served daily and 100% of wards covered

1st large Italian university hospital (in 2007) with fully automated e-prescription and unit dose suite service

Leicester university Hospital

  • The project, first example of a fully automated unit-dose medicines management system in the UK, had a duration of 12 months

  • Project results were certified by an independent study by Loughsborough University recording a 25% drugs waste reduction achieved thanks to SLPA solution

  • Following the Leicester pilot project success, interest is growing in the UK National Health Service toward the adoption of unit dose automated dispensing solutions

Reduction in drugs wastes: -25%

Brotzu Cagliari Hospital

  • Very successful and complex project based in southern Italy

  • SLPA staff co-manages pharmacy medicines dispensing processes by also providing around the clock support to hospital wards

Successful pilot project in a new region proving the adaptability and flexibility of SLPA system

University Hospital Gemelli Roma

  • 100% of all operating theatres covered by SLPA's suite of services for medical devices management (40 operating theatres, about 25,000 surgical kit managed each year)

1st SLPA medical devices tracking system implemented; largest system in Italy